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KeyTicket Parking is not just about parking vehicles, it's about enjoying a suite of services and benefits that brings your customers a higher level of comfort. So it's about meeting the needs of people, rather than their cars, whilst making the experience fully autonomous.

Since KeyTicket Parking is a fully fiscal solution, you have complete insights over your incomes. Additionally, using our monitoring and reporting tools, you gain never-before seen data into when your business is mostly attractive and can thus correctly decide which pricing plans work best for you.

With KeyTicket Parking we've taken it a few steps further in terms of security and management, meaning that we've integrated our parking access control system with both our in-house hospitality and wellness ticketing & access control solutions as well as with those of third party providers.

Rock-solid Security

Each new project undergoes a thorough test plan which consist of over 100 different scenarios. Since we always test both in-house and on-site for each particular installation, we guarantee that KeyTicket Parking is your revenue generator!

Fiscal Ready

KeyTicket Parking is a parking ticketing system developed in Romania to offer fiscal receipts, whether your customers validate tickets or subscriptions at the Point-of-Sales desks or at the autonomous payment machines.

Thorough Reports

Automating everything makes your customers happy. However, thanks to the detailed access and sales reports, doubled by all the fiscal reports, KeyTicket Parking keeps you in control of your business.

Industrial-grade Equipment

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